Monday, April 6, 2009

North Dakota English Teacher Needed!

I received this e-mail earlier today from Candy Lemer of Velva, ND.


Help!!! I need an English teacher/co-worker in Velva.

Do you know of anyone wanting a change, a challenge, or an adventure? If so, Velva is losing one English teacher to love. (She is moving with her Delta pilot to Atlanta.)

Is it possible to put a quick note on your blog?

Thanks for the help.

Candy Lemer, Velva

As far as small towns in North Dakota go, Velva really has it all. It is located in a beautiful part of the state and only miles from one of the largest cities in ND (OK, ND does not have any large cities, but I think you get my drift!) If you have an English degree and are looking to make a move to the beautiful Midwest, check out Velva's website at and Velva's school website at .

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