Friday, March 20, 2009

Kindle Update! She Needs a Name and More . . .

  1. My Kindle needs a name so I can refer to her properly. If she is going to be a constant companion, she needs to have a name. My son named his laptop Helen. That's a good solid name. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  2. Love it.
  3. None of that 'hard to hold open the new hard cover book' difficulty. I do not have to feel guilty that I am breaking the books binding for the convenience of holding it open easily.
  4. The digitized man voice will not be reading to me unless I feel the need to be entertained by a computer's pronunciation. Not good. On a bright side, I do not want anyone reading to me anyway.
  5. Love that it always knows where I am in the book.
  6. Love that I can have many books with me all the time and can switch from one to another. I have ADD and cannot stay on one book for long. I can jump from one to the other super easily.
  7. I am going to download the Bible. I cannot ever find mine. Maybe this will get me reading it more often.
  8. Love the dictionary feature. Just navigate to any word and the definition shows up at the bottom. Genius. I wonder how many words I have missed learning because I was reading and did not have a dictionary or thesaurus handy?
  9. Have not used the 'notes' feature yet. I hope it works well as I am counting on that for the works of literature I teach.
  10. Love it. I already said that.

More later.


  1. SO excited about your Kindle experience. Those are all great selling points! I just got an iPod Touch (which I love) and downloaded the bible onto it. It is so nice to have handy and I really do think I read it more now. Glad to hear that the Kindle is a success! :)

  2. I LOVE my Kindle. I have a Kindle 1. I don't have any intentions of buying a Kindle 2 (yet). My daughter wants a Kindle so we might buy another one.